About Professional Inspections, Inc.

Professional Inspections, Inc. got it’s start in 1998 when I, Charles Batts, and my wife Terri, made the decision to start and operate our own home inspection company. After weighing the pros and cons of well-known franchises, we decided to build our company the old fashion way: with hard work. I have been involved in construction for many years. I received my General Contractor’s license in 1989 and became a licensed home inspector in 1998. Terri has played an imperative role in our business by taking on the daily duties associated with running and maintaining the office.

At Professional Inspections, Inc. we strive to give our clients their money’s worth when it comes to providing invaluable information concerning their potential purchase of a new home. We also frequently perform pre-marketing inspections for individuals who are planning to sell their home. Being made aware of problems prior to finding a buyer gives the seller the opportunity to make necessary repairs that may save them a considerable amount of money.

I encourage my clients to attend the inspection if at all possible, and will include them in as much of the process as I can. Personal attention, one client at a time, has successfully earned Professional Inspections, Inc. respect within this profession. We are constantly striving to improve our services. In November of 2002, we launched the Professional Inspections, Inc. web site with the goal in mind to give our clients fast and easy access to valuable information and Home Inspection Reports.

If you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to visit our Contact Us page and send us a message. We thank you in advance for placing your confidence in what is truly a family affair. We will work hard on your behalf, always striving to earn and build on our reputation.